Elena Consulting strives to make teams and organizations better, more efficient, focused on the right priorities, from the heart.

Creating an effective organization is more than structure and talent. It’s knowing what you have, where you want to go, and figuring out how you’re going to get there. By applying organizational models in the most effective¬†way you can get tangible, lasting results. I work with clients collaboratively to focus on the most critical needs, by creating practical business outcomes.

Organization Diagnosis and Assessment:

Utilize interviews, surveys, and analysis to understand underlying issues and provide recommendations.

Leadership and Strategy Alignment:

Coach and consult with leaders during the design process to ensure alignment across the organization and in line with business vision.

Organization Design:

Develop processes and practices to optimize organization structures, roles, processes, and ensuring integration points along the way.

Implementation Planning and Activation:

Guide HR Business Partners and Leaders to ensure change management and reinforcement as the organization design comes to life.

Coaching and Team Development:

Work with Leaders and HR to ensure high performing teams and collaboration throughout the design process.

Talent Management:

Consult on talent methodology to ensure critical capabilities are resourced and talent implications are understood.

Organization Design Training:

Provide training and development to HR Business Partners to elevate their organization design capabilities.